My Latest Video!

Wanted to share a song that’s been getting me through a weird time in my life. Oftentimes, I think so much it turns into a worry that leads to trying to take things into my own hands. I get caught up in my own doubts and anxieties about a future that I have yet to endure. If you’re in a similar same place, I want to share this song with you as a prayer and reminder that God has us and we’re going to be okay.

Trying Something New!

I tried a little something different for this video and added a few more instruments into the mix! Here is my take on NIKI’s groovy song, “lowkey”.

My First Album.

A collection of songs written and first recorded in a little app on my phone called ‘Voice Memos’. A lot of the songs were written years ago but reprised for it’s release during the summer of 2018.

“More Than a Year”

After releasing this song, I came home to find my parents slow dancing to it in the kitchen. Their love is one of the many things that inspired me to write it. Give it a listen if you have time & share it with someone you love!

The Start of it All.

The video that started it all for me. It’s crazy to think that this cover of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” has reached over 2,000,000 views!

A Crazy Milestone.

After a good 7 years of making videos on YouTube, we did it! I answered a few questions asked by my amazing subscribers.

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