Process Post #5 – Storytelling

In lecture today (Week 6), Lauren Cheal discussed the importance of storytelling within brands. Something that really caught my attention was the Ted Talk video she showed us called, “How great leaders inspire others into action”. One of the key concepts it focused on was the idea of first figuring out a why, then finding your how and ending … Read moreProcess Post #5 – Storytelling

Process Post #4 – Advertising and Analytics

This week (week 5) we had guest lecturer, Michael Despotovich from Apples and Oranges Media, come in and talk to the class about navigating around different social and website analytics. In addition, we learned about elements like bounce rates and impression and how they are key aspects when analyzing an advertising campaign. This made me … Read moreProcess Post #4 – Advertising and Analytics

Process Post #3 – The Importance of Branding

This week (Week 4), we discussed the importance of branding and how the initial appearance (whether it be a logo or theme) plays a key role in creating a signature trademark. Designer, Mauve Pagé came in to talk about best practices in design and we tied together the fundamental concepts of a brand, its identity … Read moreProcess Post #3 – The Importance of Branding

My Vision Statement/Vision Board

It took a lot of self-discovering and enduring experiences like heartbreak, falling in love, and overcoming anxiety and doubt to really figure out my brand and how I want people to interpret my music. My main goal as an artist is to document memories through the melodies I sing and create. I started out by … Read moreMy Vision Statement/Vision Board