What It’s Like Being a Full-Time Student Pursuing Music

The Start of The Semester
VS. The End Of The Semester

I get a lot of questions from people asking me if I’m still in school or if I’m pursuing music full-time. The answer to that would be yes, I’m in school full-time, and yes I’m pursing music (but only part-time/on the side at the moment). Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my parents have always been persistent in motivating my sister and I to finish post-secondary. My dad grew up in the Philippines, but because of the difficult situation he was in, he was never able to afford to go to University. Both my parents moved to Canada to provide a better life for us and I really want to be able to give back and make them proud.

Aside from the countless late-nights and endless papers, a part of me has always enjoyed school. However, I’m going to be honest and say that a lot of the times it isn’t easy. The problem with trying to do both is that there isn’t always enough time to finish what you want to get done. When midterms/finals season starts rolling in, I find that creating music gets put on hold for the time being. Nonetheless, I think I have found a good balance between the two and trying to fit them into my daily routine. Creating videos and recording songs never feel like a chore to me because even during school, I still used music as an outlet/way to relax.

As of right now, my main goal is to graduate from university. After that I plan to give myself at least one year to try and pursue my dreams. I’m thankful that my music has allowed me to go to school and get an education. It’s hard to predict what might happen in the future, but I believe that with hard-work and persistence, anything is possible!

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