Process Post #8 – Monetization

One website I find myself spending quite a bit of my time on is YouTube. Youtube is a website commonly known to provide a space for individuals to watch, discover and create videos they enjoy. It is a major company that capitalizes on this week’s key concept, monetization (Week 9). Essentially, to ‘monetize’ something involves … Read moreProcess Post #8 – Monetization

Process Post #7 – Infographics

This week (Week 8) we discussed the importance of infographics and how different images can be used to bring livelihood to websites/blogs in order to break up texts and readings. In addition to this, there were a few examples of different sites you could used to develop a content theme. One site that I find … Read moreProcess Post #7 – Infographics

Process Post #6 – Brand Narratives

Week 7 – What are some of the more memorable brand narratives that you have come across. Why were they effective? What were the key take aways for you? What could have made the strategies even stronger? Blog your findings. This class we talked about the effect that a brand narrative has on a company. … Read moreProcess Post #6 – Brand Narratives

Peer Review #2 – BalancedBadass

For my second peer review, I had the privilege of reviewing Tiffany’s Website, At first glance, I loved how simple yet aesthetic her site appeared. Her blog’s title, “BalancedBadass” has a catchy ring to it and serves as the perfect way to describe her blog. It is clear that the purpose of her blog/brand … Read morePeer Review #2 – BalancedBadass

Process Post #5 – Storytelling

In lecture today (Week 6), Lauren Cheal discussed the importance of storytelling within brands. Something that really caught my attention was the Ted Talk video she showed us called, “How great leaders inspire others into action”. One of the key concepts it focused on was the idea of first figuring out a why, then finding your how and ending … Read moreProcess Post #5 – Storytelling

Process Post #4 – Advertising and Analytics

This week (week 5) we had guest lecturer, Michael Despotovich from Apples and Oranges Media, come in and talk to the class about navigating around different social and website analytics. In addition, we learned about elements like bounce rates and impression and how they are key aspects when analyzing an advertising campaign. This made me … Read moreProcess Post #4 – Advertising and Analytics

Promotional Video

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to create a promotional/pitch video (Vine-ish, TikTok-ish, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram) for our brands to post onto our sites. Pitches can be for the brand as a whole or for a specific product or service that your brand is offering. Essentially it should be a succinct call to action. … Read morePromotional Video

Process Post #3 – The Importance of Branding

This week (Week 4), we discussed the importance of branding and how the initial appearance (whether it be a logo or theme) plays a key role in creating a signature trademark. Designer, Mauve Pagé came in to talk about best practices in design and we tied together the fundamental concepts of a brand, its identity … Read moreProcess Post #3 – The Importance of Branding

The Importance of Taking Creative Breaks

In terms of content for the week, not much has happened on my part. Unfortunately, things have been a little busy with school, church and family life. I’ve learned a lot after last semester when I was taking 18 credits and have come to understand the importance of rest, so I’ve been really trying to … Read moreThe Importance of Taking Creative Breaks