What I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

Reflecting back, I never would have thought my channel would be what it is today. I was inspired to start it because my Grandma wanted to hear me sing from across the world. Throughout the 7 years, I’ve experienced some great highs and difficult lows, however, I’m glad to say that I haven’t given up. … Read moreWhat I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

What It’s Like Being a Full-Time Student Pursuing Music

I get a lot of questions from people asking me if I’m still in school or if I’m pursuing music full-time. The answer to that would be yes, I’m in school full-time, and yes I’m pursing music (but only part-time/on the side at the moment). Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my parents have always … Read moreWhat It’s Like Being a Full-Time Student Pursuing Music

The Equipment I Use to Record/Film Videos

I remember when I first started out on YouTube, I was using my dad’s chunky, heavy camcorder on a beat-up tripod. Throughout my years on Youtube, I have slowly been saving up and upgrading/modifying the equipment I have been using. Here’s a list of the instruments/equipment I use to record/film! INSTRUMENTS ELECTRIC GUITAR – Fender … Read moreThe Equipment I Use to Record/Film Videos

How I Overcame My Fear of Singing

Singing in front of a crowd has always been a nerve-wracking thing for me. The only people I really ever sung around growing up was my family. I remember back in elementary school, third-grade Marylou wanted to join the talent show and ended up crying in front of her class when the teacher asked her … Read moreHow I Overcame My Fear of Singing

What Inspires Me to Write Songs

One of the first songs I’ve ever written was about a boy back in Kindergarten when he broke my crayon after borrowing it. Since then not much has changed. I still write about boys, however, instead of breaking my crayons a few have broken my heart. Reflecting back now, I find myself laughing at the … Read moreWhat Inspires Me to Write Songs

Promotional Video

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to create a promotional/pitch video (Vine-ish, TikTok-ish, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram) for our brands to post onto our sites. Pitches can be for the brand as a whole or for a specific product or service that your brand is offering. Essentially it should be a succinct call to action. … Read morePromotional Video

The Importance of Taking Creative Breaks

In terms of content for the week, not much has happened on my part. Unfortunately, things have been a little busy with school, church and family life. I’ve learned a lot after last semester when I was taking 18 credits and have come to understand the importance of rest, so I’ve been really trying to … Read moreThe Importance of Taking Creative Breaks

My Vision Statement/Vision Board

It took a lot of self-discovering and enduring experiences like heartbreak, falling in love, and overcoming anxiety and doubt to really figure out my brand and how I want people to interpret my music. My main goal as an artist is to document memories through the melodies I sing and create. I started out by … Read moreMy Vision Statement/Vision Board