Peer Review #2 – BalancedBadass

For my second peer review, I had the privilege of reviewing Tiffany’s Website, At first glance, I loved how simple yet aesthetic her site appeared. Her blog’s title, “BalancedBadass” has a catchy ring to it and serves as the perfect way to describe her blog.

It is clear that the purpose of her blog/brand is help encourage and guide individuals through lifestyle and health tips. Tiffany does this through methods or storytelling and personal suggestions the help to guide others to grow in self-love. I really admire the vulnerability she shows within each of her blog posts. By doing this, I see the potential she has to influence and inspire those who come across her page.

In addition, I appreciated the clean layout she chose and how it serves to showcase a beautiful image on the left that relates to the specific topic being discussed. The way she incorporated different images throughout her texts added a nice visual element to her posts. I also noticed that she made sure to give credit to the photographer and website of where she got each image. In terms of consistency, I noticed that she has kept up a steady posting schedule and has been updated/posting fairly regularly.

Navigating my way through Tiffany’s site was very easy and I liked how she added a column on the right that displayed recent posts as well as a search bar. I can see this being helpful for when her audience wants to find a specific topic she may have written about. This could also be a good way to lower her website’s bounce rate and increase engagement throughout her blog.

Upon reviewing her first peer review from a fellow classmate, I have noticed a few things that might benefit Tiffany’s blog. Firstly being that it might help to include an about page the provides some background information. Although her posts take the standpoint of being very personal and true-to-herself, the addition of this section could help create a stronger connection with her audience. Another suggestion might be to add a ‘contact’ section that could enable her audience to create what Kelly (2008) describes as a ‘direct relationship’ with fans. Perhaps she could link other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc, in a combined section making it easier for those viewing the page to connect with her. There is definitely room for improvement to widen her audience on various social media platforms, but I think she is off to a great start!

Overall, I really enjoyed Tiffany’s blog and how her heart poured through each of her posts. It’s not easy opening up about personal topics and I admire the vulnerability she shares. I’m looking forward to see the growth of her brand throughout the course!


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