Process Post #4 – Advertising and Analytics

This week (week 5) we had guest lecturer, Michael Despotovich from Apples and Oranges Media, come in and talk to the class about navigating around different social and website analytics. In addition, we learned about elements like bounce rates and impression and how they are key aspects when analyzing an advertising campaign.

This made me reflect on my own analytics and had me comparing them throughout different platforms. (See the images below for more information). After viewing my results, I was quite shocked with the amount of traffic going on within my site. For instance, I noticed that in one day my sessions went from 2 to 14 and have been growing steadily since. Since posting my site in January, it has accumulated 521 page views and 56 sessions with a bounce rate of 39.3%. A lot of my active users have found my website through ’social’ which could have possibly been a result of sharing the link in the description of my most recent youtube video. In addition, the analytics show that a majority of users (64.4%) have viewed my website on desktop, while other views on mobile (32.2%) and tablet (3.4%) have been the less common.

One of the main goals for my website is for it to act like a bridge to guide people towards the actual “products” of my brand as a musician (my music and my youtube channel). I think plugins like Google Analytics and DataStudio are very helpful sites to track patterns and trends that can be used to help grow our brands!

Current Website Analytics

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Current Spotify Analytics:

Current Youtube Analytics

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