Process Post #5 – Storytelling

In lecture today (Week 6), Lauren Cheal discussed the importance of storytelling within brands. Something that really caught my attention was the Ted Talk video she showed us called, “How great leaders inspire others into action”. One of the key concepts it focused on was the idea of first figuring out a why, then finding your how and ending off with the what. After some thought, this is the story that came to mind:

        My name is Marylou Villegas and I am a singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, BC. I found my love for music quickly after figuring out how to use my dad’s karaoke machine and have been singing and writing songs ever since I was 6 years-old. Reflecting back, I think my music career started the moment I posted my first video onto Youtube. When I went to the Philippines for the first time, my grandma would make me sing karaoke for her every night. The last day I was there she started tearing up when she told me that she will miss being able to hear me sing. After hearing that, I was determined to post videos specifically for the purpose of making my grandma smile. It’s crazy to think that after 7 years, I am able to spread smiles onto over 120,000 people from around the world. I would have never imagined that my music and brand as an artist would evolve to what it has become now.

      Along the way, I would say that I’ve experienced my fair share of criticism, rejection and failures but continued to create music and songs. It took a lot of self-discovering and enduring experiences like heartbreak, falling in love, and overcoming anxiety and doubt to really figure out my brand and how I want people to interpret my music. My main goal as an artist is to document memories through the melodies I sing and create.  I want to inspire and encourage others to share their talents and what they are passionate about. As long as you are creating and building something you love, the opinions of what others think should not impact your purpose. I want to take the risk and give people a glimpse of my heart through my music while reflecting a unique mix of strength, vulnerability and groovy tunes.

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