Process Post #6 – Brand Narratives

Week 7 – What are some of the more memorable brand narratives that you have come across. Why were they effective? What were the key take aways for you? What could have made the strategies even stronger? Blog your findings.

This class we talked about the effect that a brand narrative has on a company. Essentially, “every story requires a clearly understood central character with which people can identify and create a long-lasting emotional bond” (Herskovitz & Crystal, 2010). Having good customer engagement requires having conversations with customers as opposed to talking at them. Emphasis is placed on the establishment of a human voice; utilizing gratitude and goodwill; and staying ahead of the online curve.

Reflecting back on different brand narratives I’ve encountered, I noticed that Nike does a good job at this. Their spotlight ad campaigns were most memorable because they took the time and effort to create dialogue with their audience. By incorporating the voice of celebrities and athletes into their ads, more reliability is placed on the brand and commodities they are selling. Companies like Nike have found different ways to incorporate admiring stories from favoured individuals and results shows it is working well in their favour.


Herskovitz, S. and Crystal, M. (2010), “The essential brand persona: storytelling and branding”, Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 31 No. 3, pp. 21-28.

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