Process Post #11 – What Happens Next?

For our last week in PUB 201 (Week 12), we came together to debrief and think about the future of our websites. Because of the virus going around, I feel like I have been spending more time creating content and trying to tweak a few things here and there. When this class is over I … Read moreProcess Post #11 – What Happens Next?

What I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

Reflecting back, I never would have thought my channel would be what it is today. I was inspired to start it because my Grandma wanted to hear me sing from across the world. Throughout the 7 years, I’ve experienced some great highs and difficult lows, however, I’m glad to say that I haven’t given up. … Read moreWhat I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

What It’s Like Being a Full-Time Student Pursuing Music

I get a lot of questions from people asking me if I’m still in school or if I’m pursuing music full-time. The answer to that would be yes, I’m in school full-time, and yes I’m pursing music (but only part-time/on the side at the moment). Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my parents have always … Read moreWhat It’s Like Being a Full-Time Student Pursuing Music

How I Overcame My Fear of Singing

Singing in front of a crowd has always been a nerve-wracking thing for me. The only people I really ever sung around growing up was my family. I remember back in elementary school, third-grade Marylou wanted to join the talent show and ended up crying in front of her class when the teacher asked her … Read moreHow I Overcame My Fear of Singing

What Inspires Me to Write Songs

One of the first songs I’ve ever written was about a boy back in Kindergarten when he broke my crayon after borrowing it. Since then not much has changed. I still write about boys, however, instead of breaking my crayons a few have broken my heart. Reflecting back now, I find myself laughing at the … Read moreWhat Inspires Me to Write Songs

Peer Review #3 – Nihon Shoku

For my last peer review I will be assessing Carol’s website Nihon Shoku ( Upon first glance it was very easy to assume that her blog is dedicated to food – Japanese food to be specific! I really enjoyed the little logo at the top left of the page that features a pair of chopsticks … Read morePeer Review #3 – Nihon Shoku

Process Post #9 – Building My Website’s SEO

This week (Week 10) we looked at the importance of a SEO. Essentially a SEO can be defined as search engine optimization. Websites and pages with “good” SEO tend to rank higher in search engine and appear within the first page of one’s results. One of the goals for my website is for it to … Read moreProcess Post #9 – Building My Website’s SEO

Process Post #8 – Monetization

One website I find myself spending quite a bit of my time on is YouTube. Youtube is a website commonly known to provide a space for individuals to watch, discover and create videos they enjoy. It is a major company that capitalizes on this week’s key concept, monetization (Week 9). Essentially, to ‘monetize’ something involves … Read moreProcess Post #8 – Monetization

Process Post #7 – Infographics

This week (Week 8) we discussed the importance of infographics and how different images can be used to bring livelihood to websites/blogs in order to break up texts and readings. In addition to this, there were a few examples of different sites you could used to develop a content theme. One site that I find … Read moreProcess Post #7 – Infographics

Process Post #6 – Brand Narratives

Week 7 – What are some of the more memorable brand narratives that you have come across. Why were they effective? What were the key take aways for you? What could have made the strategies even stronger? Blog your findings. This class we talked about the effect that a brand narrative has on a company. … Read moreProcess Post #6 – Brand Narratives