Process Post #10 – Beyond Blogs: AI, Podcasts and Smart Speakers

For our last lecture this week (Week 11), we looked at the situation happening with brands in the podcast space, and how AIs will shape our online behaviour moving forward. We explored how voice and audio content is now an expectation, and not an added value. We see this within many homes around the world … Read moreProcess Post #10 – Beyond Blogs: AI, Podcasts and Smart Speakers

Process Post #9 – Building My Website’s SEO

This week (Week 10) we looked at the importance of a SEO. Essentially a SEO can be defined as search engine optimization. Websites and pages with “good” SEO tend to rank higher in search engine and appear within the first page of one’s results. One of the goals for my website is for it to … Read moreProcess Post #9 – Building My Website’s SEO

Process Post #5 – Storytelling

In lecture today (Week 6), Lauren Cheal discussed the importance of storytelling within brands. Something that really caught my attention was the Ted Talk video she showed us called, “How great leaders inspire others into action”. One of the key concepts it focused on was the idea of first figuring out a why, then finding your how and ending … Read moreProcess Post #5 – Storytelling