Process Post #11 – What Happens Next?

For our last week in PUB 201 (Week 12), we came together to debrief and think about the future of our websites. Because of the virus going around, I feel like I have been spending more time creating content and trying to tweak a few things here and there. When this class is over I … Read moreProcess Post #11 – What Happens Next?

Process Post #8 – Monetization

One website I find myself spending quite a bit of my time on is YouTube. Youtube is a website commonly known to provide a space for individuals to watch, discover and create videos they enjoy. It is a major company that capitalizes on this week’s key concept, monetization (Week 9). Essentially, to ‘monetize’ something involves … Read moreProcess Post #8 – Monetization

Promotional Video

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to create a promotional/pitch video (Vine-ish, TikTok-ish, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram) for our brands to post onto our sites. Pitches can be for the brand as a whole or for a specific product or service that your brand is offering. Essentially it should be a succinct call to action. … Read morePromotional Video