Peer Review #1

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For my first peer review, I was very excited to find out that I was reviewing Julianna’s blog. Growing up, I always enjoyed reading but seemed to lose touch with that passion once I got into high school and extracurriculars took over my free time. I’m very thankful audiobooks, podcasts and blogs like Julianna’s exist!

Right from the start, I really loved the theme of her website. It’s simple, straightforward and has a nice pop of colour. Aside from the overall design, her slogan “Spilling Tea Since 2019” is so clever and very fitting to the overall brand and purpose of her blog. It is obvious that Julianna’s “professional self” reflects a “self” seen through her sophisticated yet knowledgeable book reviews.

Julianna’s brand is not just the books the she reviews, but also herself and the way she presents her personal opinion. While reading her reviews, I felt myself gaining assurance and trust that she was providing me with credible and reliable information. As a reader, I felt very open and connected with the way she spoke and described each book. I find that the fundamental purpose of a book review is to help a reader decide whether to read the book themselves. However, I think Julianna did much more than that, because she may have convinced me to pick up a copy of The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand!

Aside from her content, I appreciated the section at the bottom of her page that left the option of leaving a reply (image shown below). It shows that she’s trying to build her brand and the connection she has with her audience.

If there was one thing I would recommend, it would probably be to think about narrowing down/focusing on a specific audience you might want to target with your blog. It seems a little difficult because different books tend to be read by a variety of individuals. Perhaps, you could add different categories for different genres so that those looking for a specific book could find it easier! In class we discussed the concept of “publics” and “tribes” and I see a connection there you could explore. I sense that with time you could grow your brand into one where you are leading a public to where they feel a strong sense of belonging and purpose (PUB 201, Week 2 Lecture).

Overall, I was very impressed and genuinely appreciate the time she took to summarize and present an authentic personal review and self through her blog. Keep up the great work Julianna!

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