Process Post #2: A Creative Break

This week (Week 3), our class went to SFU’s burnaby campus to check out the new Media and Makers Commons Lab. It was very cool to see and experience the new design and editing equipment accessible for students. A list of tools and services available to use:

  • 3D printers, the Laser cutter, and the Dremel
  • 3D scanners, iron soldering equipment, and hand tools
  • Video, audio, editing, and VR studios
  • (all equipment can only be booked after completing online training avaliable on their website —

I had the chance to check out the recording and editing rooms as well as try to learn more about softwares like LogicX Pro and Final Cut Pro! Compared to my makeshift studio in my basement, the new Media and Makers Commons has me excited to work on more projects in the future! I really appreciate SFU taking time to invest into making labs like this because it allows anyone to pursue/discover a creative passion. As stated on their website: “Whether you are working on your research, coursework, or a personal project, the SFU Media and Maker Commons will provide you with space, services, tools, and training to make, create, prototype, and play”. As a fellow creative, this is exciting and encouraging to hear!

In terms of content for the week, not much has happened on my part. Unfortunately, things have been a little busy with school, church and family life. I’ve learned a lot after last semester when I was taking 18 credits and have come to understand the importance of rest, so I’ve been really trying to prioritize that.

I’m sure many creatives would agree and say that at some point of their careers/lives, they have experienced a “dry season”. If I had to explain it, I would say it’s almost as if anything I do won’t come up to par with my own expectations. It’s a period in my life where ideas and content are just not coming to mind and no matter how hard I try, the simple joy of creating what I love isn’t there. I find that this is a dangerous mindset to be stuck in, especially since music for me has always been a way to express my feelings.

About a year ago, I went through something similar. I started overcommitting my time to different events and signing up for certain things to make other people happy. During that time, I was losing the drive and passion to create and simply make music. I found my rhythm once I learned how to not say ‘yes’ to everything. At that time I started attending a new youth group at church, and meeting individuals that not encouraged, but inspired me to pursue what I love to do.




After looking at these analytics, it can be seen that although I had no content posted for this week, my streams/listeners/subscribers have still grow! Looking forward to more growth within the next few weeks!

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