Process Post #1: How It All Started

Reflecting back, I think my music career started the moment I posted my first video onto Youtube. When I went to the Philippines for the first time, my grandma would make me sing karaoke for her every night. The last day I was there she started tearing up when she told me that she will miss being able to hear me sing. After hearing that, I was determined to post videos specifically for the purpose of making my grandma smile. It’s crazy to think that after 7 years, I am able to spread even smiles onto even more people from around the world. I would have never imagined that my music and brand as an artist would evolve to what it has become now.

Here are a few words/themes I would like to reflect and associate to my brand/music:

  • Acoustic/R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Youtube Content creator
  • Self-produced music
  • Independent artist (not associated to a recording label)
  • Theme: Warm colours — Yellow and Orange, Natural Wood

In class we talked about publics, counter publics, tribes and determining what our brand’s main demographic would be. What’s cool about Youtube and Spotify is that they allow the creator to look at their analytics in real time. Below are the results that I would like to document and compare to when we reach the end of this course.

Youtube Analytics (Jan.17th 2019):

Spotify Analytics (Jan.17th 2019):

Upon reviewing the results, I can see that my demographic leans towards the majority age groups of 18-24 years-old and that over half of my audience is female compared to males. The top countries listed are USA, Indonesia, Philippines and Canada. I’m curious to see how/if my audience and results change throughout this course!

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