Mini Assignment #2 – Superhero Guest Post

HellO. I Apologizeosubfhdg in advance for my writingadjobfo. This little keyboardasdofbo is way too small for my fingerigfhdbgs. BUt I will make dO using my pinkiesfodbfj.

TodAy I was aSked by Marylousdifhbih to write a litTle something for hEr blog beCause aPparently her gRade for PUB101 depEnds onbkhch it. NoT to dowNplay anythingldfbg, but I just tUrned doWn Betty’s offer for diNner at her house to wrIte this freaking thing. GRRR. sorry. grrr. You don’t wAnt to sEe me wHen I’m aNgrY.

AnyWays…. I thoUght I’d dediCate this post to talKing about the tHings I listen to in My spare timedskfioi when I’m not hElping to save tHe worlddlfoho. Marylou seems to wRite more persoNal posts about mUsic and advice with YouTube channelsadfg;k, so today I have deCided to give you guys a liTtle insight into my mUsic playlistswerpoq9. You probAbly don’t know this but muSic to me is my wAy of staying calm beFore the…. stormdsg;k.

My favourite geNre of music is classical musicadslbgou (Yo-Yo Ma is my man). I know. IrOniC. But here me out alriGht! I’m a sensiTive dude wiTh a bit of a teMper problem… and by a bit… I mean a lot;dsbgpgd. But that’s not the point!! You’ve probably seen what hapPens to me when I lose my cOol and to be honestakdci, it’S quite tiring. After a harD day the only thIng I waNt to do it relAx and charGe up for the dAy to comeadljfbl. UltimaTely, musIc is morE than just a vOice and soMe instrumentsasjsbdh. It’s a waY to expRess yourself, it keeps you coMpany while alone, helps with conCentration, serVes as a distraction when needeD, and for mAny like me — it can calm yOu downasjvd.

MoRal of the stOry: Don’t lEt people juDge youldjsbfou based ofF the type of musiC you listensdfjb to. That’s whAt weak peoPle do and yOu’re far froM thatfndsjf.

YoUrS TruLy,


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