My Vision Statement/Vision Board

It took a lot of self-discovering and enduring experiences like heartbreak, falling in love, and overcoming anxiety and doubt to really figure out my brand and how I want people to interpret my music. My main goal as an artist is to document memories through the melodies I sing and create. I started out by recording videos using my dad’s old camcorder and posting songs onto SoundCloud with my iPod. Throughout the years, I’ve experienced my fair share of criticism, rejection and failures but continued to create music and songs. I want to inspire and encourage others to share their talents and what they are passionate about. As long as you are creating and building something you love, the opinions of what others think should not impact your purpose.

As a musician, it’s so easy to be swayed into following the crowd/current popular trends, however, I want to prioritize the importance of remaining as authentic and true-to-myself as possible. I used to associate the idea of being vulnerable to being weak until I realized how much courage it takes to make that big step that could lead to a breakthrough. Ultimately, I want to take the risk and give people a glimpse of my heart through my music. I want my brand as a musician to reflect a unique mix of strength, vulnerability and groovy tunes.

Vision Board

Since my brand is essentially myself and my music, here’s a glimpse of my vision board. Things like my family, friends, music, reading, writing, hiking, cooking, and my faith are all elements that make me who I am today. The quote in the top left is something I find myself constantly repeating. As someone who suffers with anxiety, it’s easy to give into your emotions (especially if they’re sad/negative). However, everyday I feel really grateful to be surrounded by so many things and people that remind me I am loved.

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