What I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

Reflecting back, I never would have thought my channel would be what it is today. I was inspired to start it because my Grandma wanted to hear me sing from across the world. Throughout the 7 years, I’ve experienced some great highs and difficult lows, however, I’m glad to say that I haven’t given up.

Growing up, I always thought that music would only serve as a hobby to me. Today, I can proudly say that it has supported and allowed me to attend university full-time. From a young age my parents have been very persistent on the idea of me finishing school, and I really want to be able to do that for them. I hope to one day pursue music full-time, however, for now my main goal is to bring that diploma home.

Oftentimes, I get people asking me for tips and tricks on how to start a YouTube channel. I know I still have plenty of things to learn, but here’s a few important points I’d like to share to anyone who has/is thinking about it!

1. Be Patient

Speaking from my own experience, I can say that my channel only really started growing significantly about 2 or 3 years ago. That being said, around 5 years consisted of struggling to build an audience. There’s a saying that good things take time and I really believe that there is an importance of being in that waiting phase. It forces you to practice and get more familiar with your craft. It’s a period where you can grow, observe and gain inspiration from others to create.

2. Be Persistent/Consistent

I can’t stress this enough but BE CONSISTENT. Over the years, I noticed that the more I posted, the more people watched my videos. You need to continue creating content for your audience so there is a reason for them to keep coming back! Being consistent also allows you to create a rhythm where you can become more comfortable and confident in the things you create. Likewise, being persistent comes along with that consistency. Comment on other videos, subscribe to various channels, interact with different creators. There’s no better way to gain exposure than to get yourself out there!

2. Don’t Give Up/Give in to Discouragement

Last but not least, please don’t give up. I can admit that being on the internet is an intimidating thing. You place yourself in a position to be looked upon and judged by others and the world is full of different opinions, good and bad. However, you must never forget that there is something so special about what you are creating and no one should ever be given the power to speak into what you love to do. Over the years, I have encountered comments and direct messages from people saying horrible, degrading words. Words I almost let get into my head until I remembered that you should never let other people’s opinions matter so much to you. You should always be careful about the words you allow to sink into your heart.

Overall, I know that these 3 points don’t cover the extent of what goes in to creating a successful channel. However, I think this may be helpful to anyone who has ever thought about sharing their hobby/passion on YouTube!

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