What Inspires Me to Write Songs

One of the first songs I’ve ever written was about a boy back in Kindergarten when he broke my crayon after borrowing it. Since then not much has changed. I still write about boys, however, instead of breaking my crayons a few have broken my heart. Reflecting back now, I find myself laughing at the … Read moreWhat Inspires Me to Write Songs

Mini Assignment #4 – Remix Something

For this week’s mini assignment, we were asked to simply “remix something”. Essentially, a remix is created when a producer (remixer) gets the stems of a song and then altering them in terms of tempo, beat, effects, etc, to create a whole new track (MusicGateway, 2017). Given that my speciality is in music, I wanted … Read moreMini Assignment #4 – Remix Something

How I Overcame My Fear of Singing

Singing in front of a crowd has always been a nerve-wracking thing for me. The only people I really ever sung around growing up was my family. I remember back in elementary school, third-grade Marylou wanted to join the talent show and ended up crying in front of her class when the teacher asked her … Read moreHow I Overcame My Fear of Singing

The Equipment I Use to Record/Film Videos

I remember when I first started out on YouTube, I was using my dad’s chunky, heavy camcorder on a beat-up tripod. Throughout my years on Youtube, I have slowly been saving up and upgrading/modifying the equipment I have been using. Here’s a video as well as a list of the instruments/equipment I use to record/film! … Read moreThe Equipment I Use to Record/Film Videos

Life Update & New Video

I have been reflecting on everything that has happened on my channel over the years. I started out by singing covers of popular songs I heard on the radio to now being at a point where I can openly share songs that have helped/encouraged me through difficult times. Ultimately, my faith is a big part … Read moreLife Update & New Video

Mini Assignment #2 – Superhero Guest Post

HellO. I Apologizeosubfhdg in advance for my writingadjobfo. This little keyboardasdofbo is way too small for my fingerigfhdbgs. BUt I will make dO using my pinkiesfodbfj. TodAy I was aSked by Marylousdifhbih to write a litTle something for hEr blog beCause aPparently her gRade for PUB101 depEnds onbkhch it. NoT to dowNplay anythingldfbg, but I … Read moreMini Assignment #2 – Superhero Guest Post