The Equipment I Use to Record/Film Videos

I remember when I first started out on YouTube, I was using my dad’s chunky, heavy camcorder on a beat-up tripod. Throughout my years on Youtube, I have slowly been saving up and upgrading/modifying the equipment I have been using. Here’s a video as well as a list of the instruments/equipment I use to record/film! … Read moreThe Equipment I Use to Record/Film Videos

Mini Assignment #3 – A Story Without Text

Mini Assignment #3: Create a story out of media only: a sequence of images, an audio production, a video production. No text. For this assignment, I decided to share a song I wrote that was inspired by my experience of being in a long-distance relationship during covid-19. Hope you like it! Lyrics: I feel the pressure I … Read moreMini Assignment #3 – A Story Without Text

Life Update & New Video

I have been reflecting on everything that has happened on my channel over the years. I started out by singing covers of popular songs I heard on the radio to now being at a point where I can openly share songs that have helped/encouraged me through difficult times. Ultimately, my faith is a big part … Read moreLife Update & New Video

Mini Assignment #2 – Superhero Guest Post

HellO. I Apologizeosubfhdg in advance for my writingadjobfo. This little keyboardasdofbo is way too small for my fingerigfhdbgs. BUt I will make dO using my pinkiesfodbfj. TodAy I was aSked by Marylousdifhbih to write a litTle something for hEr blog beCause aPparently her gRade for PUB101 depEnds onbkhch it. NoT to dowNplay anythingldfbg, but I … Read moreMini Assignment #2 – Superhero Guest Post

Mini Assignment #1 – I made a meme.

This week we were challenged to create a meme that reflects you or your blog. Challenge accepted. Here’s what I was able to come up with… I think I can speak for many and say that this year has been a handful. It has been filled with heartache, doubt, anxiety, fear, oppression, injustice hopelessness, sorrow, … Read moreMini Assignment #1 – I made a meme.

And We’re Back! (Revised Mood/Vision Board)

I’m back! I haven’t updated this website since taking PUB 201 in the spring, so I’m excited to see what changes will happen with this platform in the coming months. This week, we were asked to create a mood/vision board that describes a few feelings and experiences we are aiming for in life. This could … Read moreAnd We’re Back! (Revised Mood/Vision Board)

What I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

Reflecting back, I never would have thought my channel would be what it is today. I was inspired to start it because my Grandma wanted to hear me sing from across the world. Throughout the 7 years, I’ve experienced some great highs and difficult lows, however, I’m glad to say that I haven’t given up. … Read moreWhat I’ve Learned Throughout My 7 Years on YouTube

My Vision Statement/Vision Board

It took a lot of self-discovering and enduring experiences like heartbreak, falling in love, and overcoming anxiety and doubt to really figure out my brand and how I want people to interpret my music. My main goal as an artist is to document memories through the melodies I sing and create. I started out by … Read moreMy Vision Statement/Vision Board