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For my first peer review, I had the privilege of reviewing Milton Jang’s site, From my first impression, it was easy and simple to interpret what the blog would be about through the clear headliner statement at the top of the page that stated, “blogger, writer, thinker” (Screenshot #1). I appreciated the choice of theme for the website and think it created a very sophisticated, modern yet simple look to the overall brand as a blog. I would have suggested to add more colour and/or saturation to some of the images, however, I find that Milton’s writing style presents a very vibrant touch to each post in and of itself.

Screenshot #1

Through further observation, I discovered that Milton had multiple blogposts that covered very real subjects with honest opinions and reflections. In week 3, we had talked about the topic of personal cyberinfrastructures and I couldn’t help but make the connection that the website has developed into a piece of the internet that Milton occupies and “owns”. Milton speaks honestly and openly about personal growth and self-awareness while providing well thought out advice to the readers. There is a genuine aspect of vulnerability present within each post and I appreciate the trustworthiness presented. As I continued to explore the website, I found it very convenient that there was a widget in place with suggestions on related topics (Screenshot #2) — a great way to increase engagement!

Screenshot #2

Likewise, I think the content and design decisions function well and flow in unison throughout the whole site. I enjoyed the consistency of placing an image at the top of each blog post relating to each topic allowing the reader to clue into what they would be reading about. I also appreciated that Milton’s posts were dated and categorized according to the month and year it was posted. Seeing the archives on the right side of the page (Screenshot #3) shows the amount of work that has already been put into both the content and the site. It’s clear that this website serves more than just for academic purposes and is used to track personal growth and development.

Screenshot #3

Some possible things to consider:

One thing that I would suggest is possibly making the text size slightly larger. In addition, perhaps Milton should even consider breaking up the text up with different images or changing the font size for different sections or quotes within each paragraph. I think these little changes could help increase reader engagement and willingness to continue reading until the last paragraph.

I also noticed that there were no pictures or social media links directing readers to your own social media accounts like instagram or twitter. This reminded me of The Online Disinhibition Effect where we were introduced to various types of behaviours online. In lecture we were told that bloggers revealed more private information under conditions of partial or full discursive anonymity (Qian & Scott, 2007).

Lastly, I came across the “leave a reply section” at the bottom of each blog post (Screenshot #4), and thought that this was a great way to build and keep your audience up to date! In terms of things to consider, I think it would be great to have a ‘contact me’ section as well, or a way for readers to access your social media sites to find you (only if you wanted of course).

Overall, I really enjoyed the detail and thought Milton puts into each of the blog posts. I can see how passionate she is about writing and how the online self Milton presents comes a very enjoyable and personal perspective. I especially liked the way Milton described the role writing plays in her life:

“writing is not an extension of me. Writing—the sentences, paragraphs, thoughts, and ideas—is the textual embodiment of my personality, who I am, and what I stand for”.

There is a genuine aspect of vulnerability that allows readers to fully indulge themselves into what is being said. Incredible job Milton! You’ve done a great job at portraying yourself through your writing, I can’t wait to see your growth throughout the semester! 🙂

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