PUB101 – Process Post (Week 10)

Building My Website’s SEO

This week (Week 10) we looked at the importance of an SEO. Essentially a SEO can be defined as search engine optimization. Websites and pages with “good” SEO tend to rank higher in search engine and appear within the first page of one’s results. After today’s lecture, one of my main goals for my website now is for it to appear as one of the first things if someone were to search for “Marylou Villegas”.

To try to achieve this goal, I went ahead and installed the plugin “Yoast SEO” onto my site. Aside from the multitude of features meant to help optimize one’s website, they highlight 4 essential elements located in a Yoast SEO sidebar. These include advice and comments on:

  • The focus keyphrase
  • The readability analysis
  • The SEO analysis
  • The Google preview

Hopefully, the inclusion of these 4 elements while creating blog posts will help my website’s SEO on search engines will improve!

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