PUB101 – Process Post (Week 2)

For this week’s class we were asked to continue developing our blogs/websites and even take the further steps of adding the Google Analytics plugin into our WordPress sites. Because I had already taken PUB 201 in the spring semester, the stats for my website have been passively collected throughout the months despite being inactive. For the sake of looking back at my progress, I have attached a few screenshots below that displays what my user activity looks like currently.

I look forward to seeing how these statistics will change throughout the weeks and am curious to learn more ways I can grow my audience on this site. In addition to revisiting Google Analytics, I took the time to update a bit of what was on my main home page. It was motivating to add in finished projects I had been wanting to complete months previous. I believe that my brand as a musician hasn’t really changed but instead has developed into something that is more concrete throughout my social media platforms.

Lastly, I was able to download a plugin that allows me to link my instagram account to my right panel widget! I think adding this feature will help further connections to a platform I use more frequently/regularly. It may also help give a better visual representation of who and my life to those visiting my website. I enjoy the convenience in being able to redirect a reader to a post in a click of a button.

Link to blog post for Week 2 — I made a meme.

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