PUB101 – Process Post (Week 4)

This week we discussed the various roles of an editor. Although they work behind the scenes, they are crucial and all work towards the same goal of improving the quality of communication. To simple summarize, we looked at the various levels within editing. They include:

  • acquisitions editing
  • structural or substantive editing
  • stylistic editing
  • copyediting
  • marking and coding
  • proofreading

After discussing a few of these levels more in-depth during our lecture, I began reflecting on the multiple ways I edit in my day-to-day life. Aside from school and editing papers/blog posts, I noticed that through YouTube I am also an editor when it comes to video and audio. I use softwares like iMovie and Garageband but have recently moved towards editing platforms like FinalCutPro and Logic. Although there are many differences from editing literary works, I believe that visual and auditory editing serves towards the same goals and levels of importance.

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