PUB101 – Process Post (Week 5)

For week 5, we discussed the complexity and importance of web design within online environments. Paying attention to details associated to balance, rhythm, proportion, contrast, unity, etc. are crucial to enhance the user’s experience. During our lecture, we defined user experience as a component that encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interactions with the company, its services, and its products (Don Norma & Jakob Neilson). Consequently, the term user interface was referenced as the visual elements of a product or experience. This includes the look and feel as well as the overall presentation and interactivity of a product.

This week, we were given feedback on our websites through our mid-way checkin. I was given some great constructive feedback relating to the way I chose to organize my course content and agree! Starting this week, I plan to archive most of my PUB201 content to allow users the ability to focus on what I have been working on with PUB101. I hope to continue on the path of improving my UX/UI experience to showcase an easy, productive and enjoyable interaction with my site.

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