PUB101 – Process Post (Week 8)

During this week’s lecture, we discussed the topic of copyright as well as the culture of sharing online. We had guest speaker, Jon Festinger, visit our class and share his experiences as a copyright lawyer. Throughout the class, I began wondering how I have used others’ works on my site.

When I first started my YouTube career, I was covering songs both written and sung by others. The process would look a little like this:

  1. Discover a new song (either on the radio or through Spotify)
  2. Try to learn it on the guitar or piano
  3. Practice singing it with instrument (3-5 days to learn)
  4. Record the video
  5. Post it onto YouTube

There have been instances where some videos have been flagged with copyright claims but still remained on my channel. This would happen with cover songs, videos with background music I didn’t own, etc. The only consequence to this was that ad revenue for these videos would be shared with other copyright owners (shown in the image below). I fully understand and respect the work YouTube does to depict and find copyrighted work. I always make sure to include the title as well as the original singer/song-writer if I do choose to cover a song.

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